Moments of Pleasure

Okay, as a few of you dear readers know, I am a bit of a Kate Bush fan… So tonight I went looking for links I’d not found before, and came across a few videos on YouTube. Now YouTube has been in the news a lot recently for a wide variety of reasons ( BBC News – Google quizzed over YouTube plans, YouTube sued by soundalike) but regardless of your view on copyright law, if an artist’s work is unavailable in any other form, then I’ll take this over not seeing the artist perform. So until EMI realises it needs to release the entire back catalogue of Kate’s videos on DVD, you’ll have to have a high speed internet connection to enjoy the following:

Okay, that is probably quite enough of that. If you’ve not got a fast internet connection I appologise for excluding you from the fun. Now I’ll go and look for Kenny Everett clips instead.


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