Lunchtime ponderings

In stark contrast to the last post, I shall pose a question, what did you do today in your lunch hour?

Me, I sat at the dentist. Well, more accurately I sat at my endodontic surgeon’s office waiting for him to get back from lunch. I didn’t mind too much, after all the sun was shining, the sky was blue, I was lounging back in a reclining dental chair listening to my mp3 player, and I wasn’t sat in the office at work!

On days like that it is the little things that catch my eye, and the following details came to my attention on the walk back to my car…

An Audi with a firm grasp on self-identity…

A Mercedes with an attitude…

and no matter where I may park, another Lotus will arrive to keep me company…

There must be dark forces at work.


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