Under the back of the car

So following yesterdays gluttony, I decided I’d take advantage of having a mechanically minded cousin-in-law in town and try and do some family bonding over the Elan’s brake system. Following a couple of days of mildly unpredictable braking (with a slight pull to the right) it was each wheel off in turn, and a good inspection of the discs and pads.

After finding the front right sticks quite badly, we didn’t find any other serious issues, until I decided to look at the underside of the chassis. Then we found the right rear proportioning valve was leaking, allowing air and water into what should have been a sealed brake system. The leak dropped two or three drips of brake fluid each time the pedal was pressed, and any air or moisture entering the system would go some way towards explaining my spongy brake pedal.

So after some research, and a trip to the motor-factors the car is now back together, and awaiting a brake bleed tomorrow. We could only find a match for one of the two o-rings we wanted to replace, and so tomorrows test will reveal if we need to dismantle the system again to go in hunt of the second o-ring. So keep your fingers crossed…


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