World Class, my &%^#!!!

“World Class Stratford” provided the Stratford Herald with this picture of the “canal quarter” of their plans for the revamped town center. Where is it meant to be?

World Class Stratford canal

#1. The lock gate in the center of the shot implies the image was made with the artist’s back to the Avon, looking into the tidal basin…
This would mean they have built the building to the right over the existing roase garden, and extended the basin through Waterside and halfway up Bridge Street, which they have leveled if the horizon is accurate.

#2. The lock gate is the gate down by the weir, and we are looking up river towards the Theater…
This would mean a major building project on the recreation ground to create the building on the right, and a narrowing of the river by the looks of the edging in the distance.

#3. We may be standing on the bridge over the canal tunnel at the bottom of Bridge Street, looking down waterside towards the theater…

That would mean they’ve build a tall skinny building over the pavement to create the building on the right. Raised the water level, and planted trees across the theater if the horizon is accurate.

#4. We may be standing at the other access to the tunnel, looking up the canal in the direction of Warwick…

This would mean they’ve built over the access road to the apartments and houses behind the car park there, and also have cut a new canal passage through the pub on the corner, in addition to demolishing many of the Warwick Road offices and hotels, replacing them with trees.

#5. It may just be some craftily created marketing tool to keep World Class Stratford in business, and distract people away from their horrific bridge announcement a few weeks back where they picked the design for a bridge which most townspeople have said they do not want! To also coincide, and draw attention from the inevitable job losses, and huge loss of tourist revenue Stratford can expect when the theaters close for massive renovation. The location pictured does not exist in reality, and was drawn by a harassed graphic artist who has never visited the town, and had a deadline to meet.

Sounds a distinct possibility!




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