Playing with the big boys

In the global news market there are a few very high profile names which almost anyone would recognise; BBC, CNN, and arguably Al Jazeera. These are the big internationally recognised brands, delivering news from their own correspondents across the globe.

Now another group wants to join the 24 hour news club, and although this new member’s financial pockets may not be as deep as the others (Only 96 million Euros compared to CNN’s 900 million, and the BBC’s 600 million Euros, although the later figure has since been edited from their news article) the new kid on the block claims that they will be able to hit as hard, and report as well as the bigger, more established channels. They’ve even got a catchy tagline, promising to deliver “All the news you’re not supposed to know”…

Who is this masked news agency? Ladies and gentlemen may I introduce

Click the here to visit the channel or here for the BBC news initial report.


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