Back behind the (small) wheel

Went karting today at the Allsports Grand Prix indoor kart racing circuit. At almost $40 for a non-member for two sessions of 17 or 18 laps, it is pricey but not as expensive as racing a real kart at an official kart circuit. The track is semi-permanent, and laid out in the traditional indoor style; Start-finish straight to sweeping left hander, to hairpin right hand chicane, to dog leg left hander, through fast chicane to sweeping left hander and back onto the straight.

Allegedly mid 26 second laps are average, and whilst we were there we saw some impressive times in the low 24 seconds, and even a 23.707 in a “super kart”. After six years since my last session in a “fun-kart” courtesy of Gaxx’s stag do, I was quietly pleased to pull a 26.27 in my first session. Unfortunately I forgot it all and spend most of the second session spinning dramatically at the end of the straight as I pushed and frequently exceeded the grip on the sealed concrete floor. Having said that, even with complete 360 degree spins, I still was only 31.53 at my slowest.

After the racing, one of my fellow drivers, Swiss architect Jean who normally races open sportscars for a hobby, introduced me to Jeff and some of the other marshals from Summit Point Raceway. After introductions they twisted my arm a bit into joining them as a marshal out in West Virginia for the 2007 season. We shall see, the chance to get a bit closer to the sight, sound, and smell of race cars is very tempting.

In other news, Marie’s Roll Bar for the M100 arrived Thursday night, and spent Sunday morning hanging from the rafters (of the deck outside) being sprayed in three coats of matte black industrial enamel. It is currently curing in the basement, pending a final spray. Unfortunately rain is predicted for the Christmas weekend, so I might not get it fitted that soon. Ah well, gives me more of a chance to relax by the fire!

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