New music for all

Well if you haven’t got a broadband connection, then this post is only going to tell you what you are missing. I will admit that since I’ve moved Stateside I’ve not listened to the radio a whole lot. Back in Blighty I’d never been a big commercial radio fan and the American Dream has forced commercials onto virtually every station I can pick up. So in search of familiar ad-free music and speech I’ve turned to my mp3 player and the internet. The BBC Radio website is a great starting point, especially if you find yourself missing the World at One (and strange as it may sound this does happen) or The Archers. You can also retain your sanity by listening to Annie Nightingale.
Another show I miss is John Peel‘s late night shows and if like me you find yourself wondering where the eclectic and experimental music he used to play has gone I have good news for you. Make sure you visit Dandelion Radio for, among other things, the 2006 Festive Fifty which is being repeated all through January so there’s still time for you to catch it. And if you’ve not really been ‘on the ball’ as far as keeping up with music lately it’s a good time to catch up as they’re playing some brilliant songs. If you need reminding, they live here: Dandelion Radio

As that was all about music, instead of my current listening (Dandelion Radio) I’ll reveal that I’m just finishing up a pint of Ruddles which wouldn’t be my normal tipple (I’m more of a Wychwood or Hook Norton person as a rule) but has been a most pleasant sup this afternoon. Only shame has been I’ve not been able to find any rugby on the telly!


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