Invisible Posts

I must apologise for the recent references to “beer posts” and “cartoon posts” it appears that the two posts I made from Laura’s laptop never made it to the internet… this has struck me as very weird, and somewhat worrying. I’ll keep an eye on it over the next few weeks and see what is happening…

Anyway, the cartoon post, some times there is an article in the news that sparks me into action, and just sometimes the image in my mind escapes on paper, this is one of those times.
[From BBC News]

Judge Graham Cottle said he had released 46-year-old Keith Morris, facing a maximum of 14 years in jail for serious sex offences, on bail pending a pre-sentence report because of prison overcrowding.

“If this case had been here last week it would have been over by now and he would be in Exeter Prison,” Judge Cottle told Exeter Crown Court.

This follows a case on Thursday where Judge John Rogers QC gave a man convicted of child porn offences a suspended sentence because he had to bear in mind “the current sentencing climate”.

Another judge, Richard Bray, sitting at Northampton Crown Court, said politicians should wake up to the fact prisoners were reoffending “because judges can no longer pass deterrent sentences”.

In a separate development, Mr Reid admitted the government acted “unlawfully” in relation to the detention of young asylum seekers.

The admission that the detention policy “did not strike the right balance” came in High Court test cases in which detained children whose said they were under 18 are seeking damages for loss of liberty.

Politcal cartoon


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