Suite is not sour!

Bardsworld is my personal blog, and it is run by me as a creative (occasionally) release. It isn’t sponsored, subsidised or paid for in any way through corporate cheque books, or secret slush fund accounts. However, when I’m offered a free ticket to the AOL Executive Suite to watch the Wizards play the Pistons, then I am going to say “Yes”!

This website started almost a year ago talking about sports, and hear I am a year later talking about a night at a basketball game, I guess sport is just inescapable in the USA. Anyway, for the ROW (Rest Of the World) audience the Wizards are Washington D.C.’s NBA basketball team, and the Pistons’ home town is Detroit. Both teams are doing pretty well in whatever the appropriate league may be, or so I have been told. The game might have been the main event, but being corporately hospitalitied was a very splendid support act.

So what do those glamorous people behind the glass walls have that we don’t normally have out on the bleachers? Well, for a start clean carpet, comfy leather seats, a private bathroom, several flatscreen televisions showing the game from multiple angles, and a butler bringing complimentary hot-dogs! I kid you not, if I could see every sports event this way I’d embrace American sport culture a whole lot more! The main “living room” of the suite looked a bit like the picture below. In front of the bar is a galleried seating area with about twenty comfy leather chairs, to the right of shot is the kitchenette and drinks area, behind that is a very nice private bathroom just for our use, and to the left of shot is a huge flat screen television serving up about ten video feeds from around the stadium in addition to more regular sports and television broadcasts…
Shabby phone image of a non-shabby exec suite

So we had a bar, a fridge, beer, soda (pop), wine, and a plentiful selection of complimentary food, and some of the best seats in the house from which to see the game. In fact when I could tear myself away from hospitality, the view of the court looked like this…

View of the court from the suite

Okay, so it is a third tier suite, we’re not right up in the gods, but we are pretty high. This meant we could see every single play with perfect clarity, and then switch to the in suite monitors for the close-up replay, perfection I tell you!

Now after the beer post of the other day you’ll be wondering what I was drinking, well judging from the fridge I and everyone else in our party of fifteen or soul sports fans were drinking Heineken, strangely enough the “lite” beers had all been untouched. So thank you AOL for a most enjoyable evening!

Thank you AOL!!!

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