February already?

Where is the year going, we’ve hit month two and I still feel like I’m in mid-January! Well I guess it just goes to prove you can’t stop time.

Yesterdays dental visit was entertaining. I get on well with my dentist, especially after all of last years visits and so going back was an excuse to catch up on what had been happening in our lives. After listening about her birthday celebrations and a quick chat about Iranian pastries, we got down to the main event of a filling on a hard to access tooth. The tooth in question is the furthest back on the lower right of my jaw and the filling is on the back edge where my wisdom tooth had rubbed prior to its removal last November. Unfortunately to a freak arrangement of my nerves no matter how much anesthetic we injected the tooth would not go numb. We reached the point where from the lobe of my ear to the tip of my nose was frozen solid in a rubbery caricature of a drooling smile but even then I could feel the cool blast of air from the drill in a way that had my toes curling and my back climbing out of the seat. It made no sense that every tooth in the vicinity could be numb to the world but that one tooth had obviously been on the coffee and just wasn’t about to go to sleep. After an hour and a half in the chair we gave up, and I’m sat here with a temporary filling and a sensation that I’ve been punched in the face, and this is one day on from the main event! I’ll go back on the 7th and have another stab. I’m just annoyed as having seen the x-ray, and discussed the procedure, I know this isn’t a big filling, and is nowhere near the nerve. It must just be an over-sensitive tooth, I’ll add it to my list of strangenesses!

We’re expecting a “wintery mix” tonight. This is the local weatherman’s “get out of jail” clause, he has no idea if we’ll have snow, sleet, or freezing rain but “wintery mix” hedges his bets nicely. It makes for a fun commute though as at the slightest hint of inclement weather most northern Virginians forget how to drive and as you know from recent posts the amount of knowledge wasn’t that great to start with. The biggest problem is the SUV drivers as they know they have four wheel drive and a lot of weight to supply them with traction, however they all forget the following:

Four wheel drive and weight may allow you to get up to a good speed,

but on ice or snow your brakes will lock like the rest of us…

When this happens you’ll be carrying a whole lot more weight

and momentum into the skid!

So please drive sensibly, because my little car is front wheel drive, and has a manual gearbox (stick shift) and is perfectly happy crawling through the snow, but it won’t stand a chance against a vehicle that ways five times what it does sliding into it. It never ceases to surprise me how many people say “I pressed the brakes and nothing happened” when it has been snowing heavily and they’ve slid their way into work, it must be the automatic gearboxes encouraging a “brake to slow” mentality.

With bad weather predicted I’ve wrapped the car up for the night. First I cover it with the “bikini” cover, a small shroud that covers the glass and convertible roof with a waterproof layer. Then I cover it with a full size soft breathable cover which laces under the middle of the chassis, this stops anything from rubbing aggressively on the paint, and provides a gentle inner liner. Finally I cover all the whole lot with a blue UV resistant tarp which is anchored with bungies through the alloy wheels. This makes it a bugger to get a “quick start” in the morning as everything has to be unwrapped and stored away but it does mean that if rain, snow, or ice falls I can just give the tarp a shake and have a clean and clear car. In our last snowfall the biggest threat on my commute in was the slabs of icey snow flying of the tops of other vehicles. One van span a sheet two feet by four feet of inch thick ice on to the road in front of me where it shattered in a most alarming style. I dread to think what it would do to the canvas of my roof.

I’d mentioned the car because I’ve been thinking about my car related trip back to England. In march there is a gathering of Lotus owners at Donington Park Race Circuit and after two years of saying “It’d be lovely to go…” I’ve booked up my tickets and will be going. I’m excited as I’ll be able to pick up some spare parts. I’m even more excited because my best friend and his wife will have had their second baby about two weeks before I arrive, and so it should be a wonderful relaxing visit staying with them and getting to play the honourary uncle. With the winter blues in full effect this trip has come in as a massive breath of fresh air and I can’t wait. My only dilema now is do I go to the LEC curry event, or cancel a curry with car owners like me to spend an extra evening in my home area with my mates… I think I know what will end up happening 😉 I guess I better go send them some emails. Laters…


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