Six Nations, one sport!

England vs Italy

Second round of the Six Nations tournament, and I’d not even realised I’d missed the first round. Ah well, when the Super Bowl takes over the television for an entire week or more, and the commercials get so much media coverage the following week what do you expect. Due to the timezones the afternoon matches take place in the early morning, and where available are a strictly pay-per-view affair. So when Laura found this article: Six Nations, Buts How Many Pubs? well we just had to go and check it out.

Daniel O’Connells is not the kind of metro bar/restaurant that you’d expect to find this close to D.C. The setting is not a sports bar, nor is it a frothy wine bar, just an honest and surprisingly large bar with enough nooks, fireplaces and stout wooden furniture to convince you of some ‘olde worlde’ pub heritage. The food again is not stunning haute-pub-cuisine in the wine-bar style of modern “classy pubs”, nor is it “chain pub” microwave fare either. However, having eaten there on a few occaisions now I will say the food is honest pub grub. If you’ve followed the link above and read the Washington Posts’ blog review I’d say they were a bit harsh, and would go as far as to say I wonder when they last ate in anywhere like Witherspoon’s Golden Bee or any of the chain owned “family pubs” that litter the English market towns. O’Connells may not have the garlic fries of Gordon Biersch but they are not a greasy, chav filled carvery either!
A pint or two for breakfastSo we watched the game with a good Irish Breakfast, and a couple of pints of Guinness, with about thirty friendly and like minded souls mostly wearing England rugby shirts. England won, even if it wasn’t the best game they’ve played in a while. If time had allowed we’d have stayed on for the Scotland-Wales game afterwards but unfortunately reality struck and we had to get on with the day. Had a stunning time though, and it was lovely to be able to see some rugby again, I’ll definitely be heading back in the future. Only problem was the $20 cover charge which they need to cover the pay-per-view license but what price for cheap beer and a good game of rugby!!!


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