I like to take a walk in my lunch hour, and as regular readers know I’ve seen some strangely American sights on these walks. I’ve had snakes, raccoons, and various strange and uniquely American birds cross my path, but today I came across something different.

As I walked out across my company car park my colleague spotted something on the ground. On inspection I saw that the primer was un-struck and it was a live round of ammunition, marked as a Luger 9MM round and of a “hollow point” design almost identical in appearance to the exploded diagram here (identical even to the patented centre post).
Now I’m not used to finding live ammo on my walks. Sure I’ve come across the odd shotgun cartridge whilst walking across the Cotswold hills, but these shotgun cartridges are always spent and usually abandoned by a careless non-local on an organised shoot. So I asked my American co-worker what we should do, and after a short discussion about personal safety and it involving not being near devices or items which go bang we decided to bravely hand the bullet in to the building’s manager as it is “his car park”.

Civic safety role fulfilled it just left us wondering who would need hollow point ammunition that near the office. Our building is within an easy shot (pun intended) of the NRA but as it would mean crossing a major road or two I don’t think it was one of their visitors. This must mean that somebody in my office building’s immediate work environment (the building is shared between about a dozen companies) is very serious about their personal security. I wonder if they know that their possession of this ammunition makes me and my co-workers feel less secure rather than more secure…
Now I know I’d be living in a dream land if I said England was gun free, and I believe that responsible and carefully trained and checked individuals should be allowed to own handguns if they so desire as long as the guns and ammunition are kept securely and handled responsibly, but I’ve never found ammo in a car park ANYWHERE before!!!


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