My brother has been in town this past week, and we’ve had a splendid time. He has also been as brilliant as he usually is and helped me repair a sticking calliper on my car. It involved a small amount of sweat, a slightly larger amount of blood, and a suitable tool. At this point you may have guessed that my brother was the suitable tool…

Well to make up for causing him skinned knuckles I let him take his girlfriend Lottie out for a spin or two in the car. What trust is this! I’m his big brother so I’ve heard most of the car torturing tales of my brother’s youth. He is a good, competent, fast driver and treated the car with the respect a 16 year old Lotus deserves. You can see more in the pictures below (click the pictures for more image options):

Rog heads out

Good driving

In the last shot Rog shows how low my car really is, as I took the picture from inside a Toyota Matrix, which isn’t exactly a high vehicle.

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