Exciting, you betcha!

The names Shigeru Miyamoto and Koji Kondo may not be all that familiar to you, but trust me if you knew your video game history, these two names belong to men more famous and influential to you than anybody ever to appear on Celebrity Big Brother.

So if you know the names, or even if you didn’t and have clicked the links above to read their biographies on Wikipedia, you’ll understand why when I say that Laura and Chris just met these two gods of the video game industry at the Game Developers Conference they felt the urge to ring everyone they could to tell them about it straight away. I’m excited and I’m not even there!!!

You can read more about what the Escape Pod Audio crew have been up to on the Escape Pod Audio blog. You can also learn more about GDC by clicking the link here, and learn more about Laura’s audio track by clicking here.


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