Who to believe?

With the Hamster recovered and returned to Top Gear, and although “series9” only had eight episodes it managed a suitable number of laughs, crashes, and high speed antics to make it BBC2’s most highly viewed show in over a decade.

So why would Clarkson announce in his weekly column for “The Sun” that this was it and that there would be no return in the summer?

The BBC were fast to issue a response that Top Gear will return, but this smacked of a politician saying “No new taxes” when the proposed bill is already on the table before them. There have already been enough rumours that the BBC wanted to axe the show for the speed loving atmosphere and occasionally “offensive” comments by the three presenters affectionately acknowledged in the BBC article as “the boys”. When you add in the fact that a few forums have posts noticing that the lease on the current airfield venue expires this year and no new venue has been found….

Makes you wonder if the BBC is going to pull the plug on this long running (started in 1977) show…


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