Heading back home.

I’ve been a slow blogger of late, but much has been happening. By the time you read this gentle reader even more will have happened as I will be hopefully aboard a plane flying back to England for the weekend.

It may sound very “jet set” to fly home for the weekend, but I have two very good reasons.

  1. Oban and Noah, okay they are two reasons on their own. If we add in Kevin & Tina, Chris, Mike, Lucy, Jim, and everybody else I want to see in these few short days then I have a whole heap of reasons, but two babies to hug and friends to see are reason #1.
  2. There is a large Lotus gathering organised by Club Lotus at Donington race circuit. As a Lotus owner in need of spare parts and a fun day out it seemed like too good an opportunity to miss.

So there are the reasons you’ll not be getting a whole lot of posts over the next couple of days. I’m back in circulation in the USA next Wednesday and will have hundreds of photographs with which to bore everyone.

However, until then adieu dear reader. Wish me a safe flight, and lets hope I manage to get some sleep!

Dream Big!


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