Living Lotus!

Expect a more pictures than you can shake a brake calliper at in the coming days. I’m in England at the moment (yes, I wrote this in advance) and today I am at the annual Club Lotus Donington Festival.

So be warned, there are many pictures to come, and if you see me in the pub anytime soon expect to be bored witless!


One comment

  1. Matt the Destroyer · March 25, 2007

    The Lotus Gathering Fast cars, Hot Cops, and a room full of Car Nerds. It was too our great Dismay how Easily the Bard joined in with the Lotus techno Babble. Fortunatly the Cops in Stockings would serve as a Distraction to the non- nerd Petrol heads.

    Comment of this Day has to be to the Bard ” Ooooh Look its a Lotus” whilst turning into the Complex. We thought this was just jest, however the genuine surprise on his face told us different.

    Damn Fun day out tho Mate 🙂

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