Falklands War – 25 Years Ago Today

On the 5th April 1982, a large British task force set out on a 7500 mile journey to liberate a group of tiny windswept islands in the South Atlantic. On 1st May began the biggest naval action to take place since the Second World War – more than 1000 men lost their lives. As a child I can remember watching the Royal Navy strike force depart on the BBC News, and the images of Harriers flying over the hills of the islands providing air cover shown in so many news clips are etched in my mind. Great Britain reached across the world to protect their own in a manner that enforced our great sea faring traditions in my young mind. Those who fought and fell should never be forgotten.
You can read more about the war, and tributes to those who fought in it via these links:

The Falklands Conflict – Falklandswar.org.uk

1982 Timeline @ Falkland Islands Information Portal

Honour Regained – The Falklands War 1982 Index and Forum

Falklands War Wikipedia Article

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