Almost another week

Sunday night is drawing in as I type here. For a change I am blogging on the laptop in the kitchen while cooking a Sunday evening curry. It is a wonderfully modern experience, as I sit here typing with BBC radio streaming off my speakers (portable units so not the dodgey laptop sound) and the tofu simmering in the wok. I’m not a vegitarian, but sometimes you just end up cooking that way, so tofu korma with Pataks sauce and pineapple it is!

I’d decided to blog as I’d been flicking through a local magazine that spoke of carbon footprints and the need for every American to make a small effort for the environment. It is positive to see this kind of environmental movement growing in the US, especially as the ‘popular image’ would have some non-Americans believing everyone here drives gas guzzling SUVs. I’m not a wild environmentalist, you can’t be when you drive a petrol engined sportscar and fly trans-Atlantically as much as we do… but we do accept that there are easy changes we can all make. So some of the most frequently used lights in the house have had their bulbs swapped for compact fluorescent units which gobble less power and last a whole lot longer. We’ve also made an effort to set the air conditioning a bit higher in the summer, and the heating a bit lower in the winter. It is easy to wear a jumper, or lounge in the cool subterrainian basement, and saves on the electricity bill too. We’ve replaced some ageing appliances too for more energy friendly units. Simple changes, but hopefully the reduce what I suppose I should call our “carbon footprint”.

The only problem with blogging like this is that each time you get up to check the cooking you lose your train of thought. Been busy with my career transition too, and start the new job on April 23. I’m a bit nervous as the commute is a bit more complex and involves braving the I95 corridor during rush hour. There are bound to be some short cuts and back roads, and with any luck I’ll figure them out soon. I’m not sure the car will cope well with a long Virginian summer stuck in traffic!!! I’ll try and blog more details as things occur… how is that for an ambiguous post!

Well, the simmering is almost complete, so I better go and drain the rice and dish up a bowl of lovelyness for diner 😉 Then it is a date with Laura, the recliner in the basement and episode two of the final season of The Sopranos! Somebody is meant to get wacked tonight, maybe I’ll drop a teaser for the UK audience later…


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