The new education

Well while I’ve not been posting I’ve been busy at work. After three and a half years of debt collection software, and knowing that every time the phone rang it was a debt collector calling me, I decided enough was enough. With a lot of encouragement from Laura I started doing the old job hunt shuffle, and fortunately the hunt has paid off and I now work in a positive market, rather than assisting the kind of people you don’t want to talk to ever!

So I am a business analyst, which means I solve problems for a living. More accurately it means I define problems for a living after eliciting what the cause of the problem is in the first place. It is still software development, but I’m no longer at a software company, I now work for an ‘education solutions provider’ and it would take far to long to explain what that means so I’ll just leave you with the company’s motto.

Every child deserves to learn without barriers.

Positive, and forward thinking describe it best, and on that note I better get back to my “homework” as there is a lot to learn and a learning curve that resembles a downhill ski slope!


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