Go Carbon Neautral

The Queen’s recent flight to and from the US was made carbon neutral, and since I don’t travel with monarchy that often I wondered how easy it would be for me to do the same. After a very short spurt of research I decided there is no reason why I shouldn’t make a small payment to offset the carbon emissions of my car, after all who wouldn’t want to enjoy blatting around knowing that the carbon produced when the turbo is spooled up has been offset somewhere else on the planet.

My biggest issue was where to send the money, I didn’t want some fat cat getting rich off my “good deed” and at the same time I wanted to know the funds went somewhere that felt tangible and not just some general pool. So I’ve gone to The Carbon Neautral Company and used their shop to offset my car against projects in Britain and America.

Check them out, and do something for the planet.


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