Spam Comments

I’ve been getting over 200 spam comments a day on the blog, and so for a short time I’m making the comments “Members Only” and you’ll need me to personally create you a log-in to be able to post comments.  I know you’re all shy and don’t comment much anyway, but if you want me to create you a “Subscriber” account so that you can add your words to my random jottings drop me an email to the usual address or send me a text message and I’ll get you the relevant information as soon as possible.

What has really amazed me with the spam, aside from the volume of crap, is that so much of it is badly spelt, and phrased in a completely illogical fashion.  Surely these spam-bots could be programmed in such a way that they at least formed sensible sentences that would tickle the fancy of blog readers; “News article relating to this post” stands a far better chance than “Dosage of House of Usher Big Time”….  ah well, maybe it is good that they are stupid, it makes it easier to spot.

Another thing I don’t understand is the business model.  I know some of this spam is created by the normal “script kiddie” types, but most of it (according to some tech research) is created by huge networks of hacked computers, and costs time and money to create and maintain.  I guess the cluster bomb spam approach I’m seeing is one of these networks looking for a way to get people to their infected sites.

So here are Ian’s top three spam rules;

  1. DO NOT CLICK THE LINKS IN THE SPAM EVER.  With it being possible to attach a virus inside certain image file types, don’t open the email or view the spam if you have a choice.  Under no circumstances click any links within the spam to see where it goes!
  2. ADD IT TO YOUR BLOCK LIST.  Mark it as spam, delete it, add it to your block list.  Don’t leave it hanging around your files!
  3. DON’T ENTER YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS UNLESS YOU TRUST THE SITE.  The spammers have “bots” and “spiders” trawling for your details already.  Don’t make it any easier for them by just sticking your details into every site you visit.

Check out the “Wired Safety” website for more information.

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