I watched the Canadian Grand Prix today, and it made me angry.  It seems so unfair when Silverstone faces a continual struggle to keep itself on the F1 calendar that down right dangerous tracks like Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve and Indianapolis still get used.  Nobody can ignore the fact that these tracks with non-existent run-off and sub-standard design for safety access are only included for the dollars that they represent.

Todays race saw the safety car called out on no less than four occaisions, and this is after the American commentators have joked about how many times safety cars have been needed in previous races.  If you need a safety car that many times regularly there is something seriously wrong with your circuit…  that is just common sense.  Robert Kubica’s lucky escape does not excuse the fact that the track design turned a “racing incident” (tyres bump, car leaves circuit) into an “horrific crash” (where the car hits a non-protected wall and barrel rolls back across the race track).  Where was the tyre wall on the center chicane wall?  Why did the car clip a tyre wall which was just stretching out towards the track?  Why was the outside entrance to the corner a sheer wall with one car width of “shoulder”?
In recent years we’ve all seen Formula One evolve from the highest standard of racing to the highest standard of marketing.  The safety improvements that heralded the end of the “turbo days” have been replaced by the idiotic tyre change regulations, and tyre manufacturer limitations which actively increase the driver’s danger.  Yes it keeps team costs down, and increases FIA income, but is it racing?

So Berni, please, let  Lewis Hamilton and the next generation of drivers have more of a chance.  Relax the wacky tyre regulations, and make the FIA a driving force in ensuring that all circuits meet the same high standards of safety.  Europe has cleaned up its act, now put the pressure where the money seems to be the only driving force.


And thanks to FOX for their pathetic time slot.  The race starts at one, so does the coverage….  Heaven forbid that the Super Bowl, or World Series may miss a three or four hour warm up show, but F1, hey who cares if you barely see the start, and the end is rushed…  At least the pictures all come from one source!

Okay enough ranting, I’ll go back to my weekend now 🙂