The Police – Live in Concert

We made the trip to Las Vegas for only one reason, to see The Police in concert. Well when you’re married to a huge fan these things happen! So what was it like to see the show of the year in one of the wildest cities on the planet? Well it went a bit like this…

The casino at the MGM Grand is crowded at the best of times, a throng of thousands eager to poor money into slot machines or take their chances at the tables beneath glittering lights and banks of closed circuit television cameras. On a Friday night the floor is packed with those who have flown in for a weekend of fun, plus the crowd who have driven the sun soaked desert from California to drink and party the night away. Now add about 17,000 excited Police fans and wait for the magic to happen…

Yes, The Police filled the MGM Grand Garden Arena to the rafters. Unfortunately, if like us you are a loyal fan and fanclub member, and you took advantage of those “special” presale tickets then you were sat with us, and about 2000 of our new closest friends up in the nose-bleeds alongside and behind the stage. We were an angry bunch of fans as we’d paid top dollar, and arrived early to sit and watch the empty stadium floor slowly (oh so slowly) fill during the warm-up act with those who’d just risked the regular ticket sales.

The warm-up was a family affair with Sting’s son, Joe Sumner, bringing his band Fiction Plane to warm up the excitable crowd. They were not the first choice however and New York plus a number of other venues have had (or will have) the pleasure of the band du jour The Fratellis who I don’t doubt will rock those concerts in an admirable style as they have been rocking my car since I added their disc to my collection back in February! Fiction Plane did a good job though, maybe not quite The Fratellis in rocking style, but on a par with The Kaiser Chiefs for inventive lyrics and catchy chorus lines. Joe Sumner managed a couple of rock and roll leaps from the amps, and their set ended with the fanclub seats grumbling less and tapping their feet more as the main auditorium filled up. If you want a taste you can buy their latest album via this link (But for the hilarious “Cigarette” lyrics you need to click here).

Then “The Police” came on… forget the bad seats, forget the huge price of flying to Las Vegas to see a concert, forget the fact that the venues own big screen isn’t working, this is “THE POLICE” and they are live and less than a hundred feet away! The air was electric, the fans were frantic, the crowd were on their feet, and the band hadn’t even said hello yet! Stewart started the evening with a mighty thump of a gong and the set list was as follows:
Message in a Bottle
Synchronicity II
Don’t Stand So Close
Voices Inside My Head
When the World is Running Down
Spirits in the Material World
Driven to Tears
Walking on the Moon
Truth Hits Everybody
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
Wrapped Around Your Finger
The Bed Is Too Big
De Do Do Do De Da Da Da
Invisible Sun
Walking In Your Footsteps
Can’t Stand Losing You


King of Pain
So Lonely


Every Breath You Take


Next To You
Just to give you a clue, Laura and I were sat in seats similar to this but on the other side of stage and more level with Sting (Yes I managed to get Sting-side seats 🙂 )

So on the whole the night was fabulous. Every review you may have read won’t have done it justice and the grins are still wearing off. Rumours that I am current downloading a bootleg of the show are purely rumours, and I wish the cast and crew all the best for future concerts 🙂