Humanity, hopeless or just self absorbed?

I just went to wash up my mug at work. I brought a mug in because it saves me having to use paper cups, plastic cups, and those horrible polystyrene coffee things that make everything taste a bit waxy. I also think if I’m not using as many resources at work I am helping the planet a little, I’ve noticed I’m going greener for my thirties. Anyway I digress…

When I wash my mug I dry it with a sheet of kitchen towel. If I use the last sheet of kitchen towel I always make the effort to dispose of the old roll and replace it with a new one on the holder. This just makes sense to me, always leave something the way you’d like to find it. If everybody could do that then public toilets would be much nicer places!

So I am now completely confused since when I just went to the kitchen a bare cardboard tube was sat in the roll holder, and an almost new but decidedly used more than once roll was sat next to the holder on the counter. It just made no sense!

I know, I know, you’ll say someone saw the roll getting low and took out another in preparation, but even so it means that somebody, somewhere in this building used that last sheet off the old roll. When they used it I am sure they then threw the used sheet in the trash. Who knows, maybe in a crazy twist of fate they needed two sheets and took the last of the old, and a sheet off the new roll. No matter, they didn’t throw the old roll away, even though it was there, right by their hand…

Humanity, sometimes you’ve got to wonder if some people evolved more than others!