Green but mean!

Just a gut post here I’m afraid. I’ve been reading about the protesters at Heathrow Airport, and just have to type something.

So, okay, I agree that expanding the airport will increase traffic conjestion, increase greenhouse gasses and generally make things more enviomentally chaotic. That said, the BAA and other airline operators are also expanding smaller airfields and I dont see hordes of hippys camping out at ever sign of airline expansion. That isn’t the cause for my complaint thought, after all Heathrow is the biggest and easiest target, and so I can understand why the hordes would descend there first.

My complaint is with the few placard carriers who had the message “YOU FLY, THEY DIE” displayed in large letters in much of the worlds press earlier this week. My specific arguement is that I have no choice. I’m an ex-pat living in the US, I have to fly to visit my friends and family. The alternatives are living in social solitude, taking an oil leaking, diesal consuming cruiseliner for weeks on end taking more time than I have for vacation to arrive at my destination, or to fly. The flight might be bad for the environment, but it is essential, and there is no green alternative!

So my suggestions:

#1. Don’t tar (or whatever the environmentally friendly alternative is) us all with the same brush, some air travel is essential, some is needed to allow for technical or economical growth.

#2. Why not campaign somewhere worthwhile, like Boeing HQ, or Airbus HQ, and press for more environmentally friendly aircraft. Alternatively, dont camp in a field complaining, become an aircraft designer, or a respected environment expert and target the system from the inside. It worked for Banksy, he became an artist and now his graffiti is high art!


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