Just a bit sleepy

I’m sleepy.  Been this way for a few days now, busy at work, going to the gym, that kind of thing.  No real stress, yet, but work always promises it around the corner.  So I better try and tidy up my life a bit and get to bed at a reasonable time…

The problem is how do you do that when you’ve got a new Wii console to play with.  This thing is addictive, and unlike most video game systems actually makes you feel like you’re doing something.  Okay maybe the last part is just me, but with my left arm the way it is suddenly having to use it to make fine movements in a video game (SSX Blur uses both controllers and your left arm/wrist/hand is used to steer you down the mountain) leaves you with a sore arm after about half an hour.  So now I’m calling it physical therapy and making it a part of my routine….

Sleep, over rated if you ask me 😉


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