Well that about wraps it up then…

The BBC have announced that they will be adding adverts to their global websites to help offset a huge budget shortfall – BBC’s global website to carry ads

This comes on the same day as they reveal they will make 10% less original programs and layoff almost 2000 staff members – BBC cuts programmes and jobs

I know these are tough times for Auntie, and the freeing up of the airwaves will lead to even more distractions away from the flagship national stations, but is cutting the amount of original programming going to keep people tuning in? Or will the tide turn as people seek more original content from other channels or even other media formats.

I’m an expat now, and so I will also be suffering the ads when I want to check news on the BBC website.  No matter how much you assure me they will be ‘quality ads’ (whatever they are) it is still wasted space which could be being otherwise use to “inform, educate, and entertain”!

The proposed sale of BBC Broadcasting House justs eems to be another example of brand blindness by the powers that be, is this a repeat of the Royal Mail renaming fiasco (remember Consignia).  At a time when the global market for quality broadcasting is rising, with more an more people with credit cards in hand are willing to pay to download their favourite show to media players and hard-drives the BBC seems to be retreating into repeats and cut backs.  This isn’t progress, it is death by a thousand cuts.  I’d love to pay the BBC a subscription to allow me to enjoy a quiality taste of home whilst living overseas, but BBC Worldwide would rather show me adds, and cut and rebrand shows for the local audience, offending both them and me in the process.

Ah well, guess it is just the way of the world, and eventually we’ll consign the BBC to that long list of “Remember the good old days…” conversation items.


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