Oh come on!

Rings and ‘hitmen’ occupy Diana jury

I’ve managed to bite my tongue so far, but this is getting ridiculous. The inquest into the accident that killed Dodi Al Fayed and Diana, Princess of Wales (and yes I had to check the official form of title there, and me a royalist!) seems to have become a press tour for Mohamed Al Fayed’s somewhat wild plots. Is it just me or do they seem a bit daft at times…taking just the above article as a basis;
The jury, and public at large, should believe that a witness to a “manipulated car crash” did not make his knowledge available to other witnesses at the scene, nor to the emergency services at the scene, but somehow recalled these details and sold them to the media. How did he know who was in the car before he’d mentioned to any of the other witnesses what he saw. I am sure the other witnesses who had provided medical aid and called for the emergency services would have recalled this amazing evidence, especially as he could not identify the cars occupants from within the car due to the severity of the accident… So we have a witness who appeared to know who was in the car before it crashed and could decide to save his evidence for the highest bidder or we have a suspect witness with previous convictions providing fabricated evidence based upon later discovered facts that he wanted to sell for personal gain. Oh, and in a case as serious as this would the ‘alleged’ hitmen really stop the motorbike from a high speed chase, return to the scene (while being observed by a “witness” in another vehicle that has also managed to stop and return to the scene without being spotted) to check the wreckage. Why use a sun-pak flash to blind the driver when the car could be caused to have a more fatal accident in a far more “James Bond” fashion, if it was “murder” they didn’t use a very definite method. If these were professionals why did they return, why not just drive off and have a second “witness team” come along behind them, ready to clean up, and ensure there weren’t any unfortunate recollections like this? Could it possibly be that it just didn’t happen this way!?!

“The Ring”. So the public are shown CCTV of Dodi “purchasing a ring” and leaving the store without it. The public are shown CCTV of the ring being collected by a member of hotel staff, and the public are shown the same member of hotel staff placing “the ring” in the strong room at the hotel. The public are then told “the ring” was found at Dodi’s apartment, but the public were not shown the ring leaving the strong room before the couple left the hotel, and no public statement has been made about how the ring got to the apartment before the crash! Could it be that the ring made it to the apartment after the crash, planted to forward the political or social aims of some party other than the British establishment???

Urgh, I could rant all day on this. How come the security plans laid down the Diana’s security detail were changed at the last minute by a member of hotel staff? How come the driver of the vehicle was not the scheduled driver, was not in the scheduled car, and did not take the scheduled route? How come only Diana’s official bodyguard was wearing a seatbelt? So many different, and conflicting actions and motives, and it all leads up to what still appears to be a tragic accident.

People die in freak accidents everyday, a few are famous, most aren’t. Get over it conspiracy theorists, go worry about something useful instead!


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