The Police – Live in concert in Washington D.C.

So we saw them for a second time, and it was worth it!

The Las Vegas set in June had been a little sketchy, some songs just didn’t sound complete and Andy’s technical malfunction left him stuck with a single guitar for the whole night.

Fast forward through a score of US and European dates, and The Police come to the nations capital, Washington D.C. and boy have they improved.  At the same time as the songs becoming much tighter and ‘finished’ the three of them appear to have loosened up and relaxed into touring.  Sting and Andy’s playful boisterousness seemed natural and good natured, and Stewart coped admirably when he discovered he’d run out of beaters for use in his percussion cage (was I the only one watching as each time he hit the resounding drum he sent one or two more flying from the holder?).

The Police in action 

Sting storms into the encores!
One interesting thing to note was that in Las Vegas the song “Invisible Sun” had been accompanied by images from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, showing the civilian and child casualties and portraying the US and British military in a very negative light.  At the time this had caused some rumblings from the audience, but when the same song was performed in D.C. the images had been changed from the ‘controversial’ anti-war message, to a collection of child/hope messages from what looked like the UNICEF stock image library.

Invisible Sun 

Invisible Sun’ with “Washington D.C. friendly” images???

Politics aside it was a stunning concert, and the 18,000 fans in the Verizon center were far louder than the 17,000 in the MGM Garden Arena.  The whole concert was stunningly loud, especially from ‘ice-side’ (or in this instance ‘Andy side’) seats, and I’m hopingmy ears will stop ringing sometime today!

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