Chris and Andie’s visit

Okay, catching up on past events here, and in no particular order…

My buddy Chris, and his new fiancée Andie (congratulations you two), made the trip across the Atlantic to come and spend a few days with us.  It had been a long standing joke that we must name our guest suite “The Chris Wing”, so it was nice that after 4 years in the US, and 3 years of having a “Chris Wing” he managed to use it at last!

They had a fabulous couple of nights in Washington D.C. to start their trip in true tourist fashion.  During this time they managed to walk from Georgetown to The Capitol without entering a single museum.  They also managed to explore the monuments and had a fantastic Capitol tour (thanks Raphael).

After that they came and joined us for the chaos that is Halloween.  We managed a new record on the bridge this year with the following final score:

  • Two parents refusing to take their children onto the bridge.
  • Four children having to be carried across in tears by their parents, even after the monsters had been toned down.
  • Two children who were sick after going through the bridge, but we’re blaming too much candy and excitement for that.
  • Oh, and a thank you letter from four children, addressed to “Dear Mr Ian and Mrs Laura”.

As is traditional we had a camera on hand, and also as is traditional the camera didn’t like the black on black background of some of the scene, so here is what we did get captured;

 The Haunted Bridge

Click the picture for more images

Then in the remainder of their stay we managed to take them out and show them the area.  After the obligatory visit to Tysons Mall on Thursday we took them out the Luray Caverns, and Skyline Drive on the Blue Ridge, and that looked something like this;

 The Blue Ridge Mountains, 2007

Click the picture for more photographs. 


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