Gordon Brown’s Christmas wish…

Looks like the PM has written his note for Santa in a typical media friendly way. His month press conference include a quote (seen in this BBC News story) saying (and I expect wishing to Father Christmas) that;

recent scandals to have hit the government, such as data loss and proxy donations, will be “quickly forgotten”.

I hope that Santa fails to deliver, much as Gordon already has, on that promise, and that when we see the general elections next year the British public will remember all that has happened under these years of Labour; low lights must be the burying of bad news on the day of the 7/7 bombings, cash for honours, Millenium Dome, ID Card rubbish, Ban on Hunting, lack of military funding, using the war on terror for political gain, NHS failures, data leaks, etc… In my opinion the promise of “Things can only get better!” from Tony Blair at the start of his term quickly fell away, and we’ve seen a government as bad if not worse than any other in recent history.

So in the mean time, while Gordon waits to see if Santa can deliver a nice distracting news story to bury his bad news, go and support the Countryside Alliance in their attempt to repeal another great investment waste of taxpayer’s resources brought about by Tony and “New Labour”.


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