Jeremy Clarkson, part tv legend, part idiot!

I’ve got respect for Clarkson, back in the early days of Top Gear he spoke his mind and didn’t care what the car company’s said afterwards.  In recent years he has drifted a bit far into the “shock for shocks sake” style of presentation, but when the chips are down he is still one of the world’s best automotive journalists.

Unfortunately, in the world of common sense he is a dish-cloth.  Publishing his own bank details in his own newspaper column to prove that all the recent data losses by the government and the police “was a fuss about nothing” is a bold, most would say moronic move! It appears he believed that people would only be able to put money into his account, not realising that it was also enough information to set up a direct debt transfer, and now he has found he has made a five hundred pound transaction to Diabetes UK! See the full story on the BBC news website here

So Jezza, please stick to the cars, because your digital knowledge is shocking!


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