Vegtable privacy

I’d hoped to include a photograph of some beautiful produce I saw at my local Whole Foods Market store. It would have been a tasteful close-up showing off fresh, luscious vegetables. It would have been carefully cropped to ensure that no logos, or identifiable branding was present. Most importantly, it would have been artistic, and given me a wonderful chance to wax lyrical about healthy eating.

Unfortunately, as I took my camera from my pocket I was accosted by a ‘store specialist’ (they where white coats) who asked me if I worked for Whole Foods. I replied I did not, at which she instructed me that they did not allow any photography in their stores. So I pocketed my camera and walked on, and instead of the shot I wanted to bring to you you must make do with this anonymous image of some other vegetables who have signed model release forms, and appear with their lawyers consent.

Whole Foods do not allow photography in their stores

Oh, and if you do ever want to take a photograph in a Whole Foods Market store, and you are a member of the press, do be sure to fill out the film/photo request form available on their corporate website.  I’ll know better next time 😉

No vegetables were hurt in the making of this post!


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