Been a bit of a busy week…

Indeed it has.

This week, and this month has flown by in a blur of meetings, events, and long hours hammering away at various keyboards.  Today’s spectacular moment was opening my bag to discover an empty drinks bottle, a damp laptop, and a pile of blue papier mache which turned out to be all that was left of 8 pages of closely scribbled notes from yesterday’s important vendor meetings.

The good news is that the laptop was sticky but functioning.  The bad news is that the inside of the bag was just very damp, sweet smelling, and sticky.  The bag is currently in the washing machine on a hand-wash rinse cycle in an attempt to render it less tacky.

So my advice to you all is that if you have to run from an important meeting to a dinner event with some software vendors you hope to work with, do not leave a large bottle of juice in you bag in the boot of your car when the temperature gets below about -5 centigrade.  It will burst, and your day will be less thirst quenching and more gooey!


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