What could be more British than ‘Last night of the Proms’?

I’m shocked and saddened to see the “Culture Minister” Margaret Hodge declare…

“The audience for many of our greatest cultural events – I’m thinking in particular of the Proms – is still a long way from demonstrating that people from different backgrounds feel at ease in being part of this.”

Full article from The Telegraph here

The Proms are a bastion of tradition and culture, a popular series of concerts that embrace music that wasn’t voted for on Pop Idol.

I know that diversity and embracing multiculturalism is vital to encourage understanding between different peoples, but this does not mean that the cultural events of one group of people is worth more or less than the cultural events of another.

Diversity means letting people be diverse and different without forcing them to conform to specified expectations.

  • Diversity means that I do not expect a Mosque to provide a Catholic mass on Sunday.
  • Diversity means that I do not expect football matches to include cricket bats and an umpire on the grounds of allowing for diversity in the game.
  • Diversity means that I do not expect ITV to advertise programs showing on BBC2.

So diversity and cultural respect should mean that our elected (though not by me) “Culture Minister” appreciates that different groups of people have different cultural expectations and she should not expect every national cultural event to cater to every possible culture in Britain simultaneously.

Keep your hands off my Proms!


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