Foxhunting still being debated

“After 13 years of discussing and debating this issue I found it impossible to ignore the truth and facts about hunting. I have come to despise the League Against Cruel Sports, even though I was its Chairman and Chief Executive, simply because these people know as well as I do that the abolition of hunting will not make any difference to the welfare of foxes, hares or deer.”

Richard Course
Former Chairman and Executive Director of the League Against Cruel Sports for thirteen years. Commenting in April 1998.

I’m having a long discussion, some may say arguement on a forum I post on regarding what remains of fox hunting in the UK. My disagreer believes that even the sport as it remains is cruel and evil and should be banned. I wondered what their motivation was and when told it was the animal cruelty aspect I unfortunately asked if they felt as strongly that cars should be banned, and was promptly ridiculed. However, did you know…

It is estimated that during the average year

    • one hundred thousand Foxes
    • fifty thousand Deer
    • fifty thousand Badgers
    • fifteen thousand Hedgehogs

are killed on the roads of the UK.

So, even if every hunt always killed at least 1 fox each time they rode out (which is not the case) the total number of foxes killed by hunts is a single figure percentage compared to the number killed by cars. If animal welfare is the real goal of the ban, then it is targeting the wrong people and missing the major cause of fox injury and death.
Please note I selected the lowest figures I could find, I did find others from the People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) that carries out an annual roadkill survey which stated that about a million mammals die on Britain’s roads each year, along with three million pheasants and seven million other birds.

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