Mixed musical messages

I started out thinking maybe I was just getting old. Maybe the kids today had a beat that my mind just couldn’t handle. Then I remembered I’ve got Does It Offend You, Yeah? and One Night Only on my Creative Zen, and a definite enjoyment of exploring the current music scene, thanks to an introduction to a wide range of sounds by the late, great, John Peel.

So the only other answer must be… that the tracks from BBC Radio 1’s One Big Weekend event picked by Rob da Bank last Monday morning were just lousy. My reviews are as follows:

Pendulum – Voodoo People

Okay, I’ve heard the Pendulum remix of The Prodigy‘s Voodoo People on disc 2 of Their Law, but surely if you are going to perform it live at a major event your should try and make the song your own, or failing that learn the lyrics. Shouting “Turn it up!” repeatedly to nobody in particular just makes the lead singer sound like a lonely rapper rehearsing in the mirror, especially as the rest of the band didn’t seem to acknowledge his request, or even existence. Really, if you want Voodoo People, go and buy a copy of Music for the Jilted Generation or Their Law, and let The Prodigy perform it.

Django Spears – No Limit

I understand the humour of Django Spears, and acknowledge the talent involved in taking an utterly cringe-worthy song and rendering a cover version even more painful than the original. I also appreciate that by starting with 2 Untalented‘s No Limit they have set themselves a very high bar of vomit inducing musical mediocrity to achieve and they somehow manage it. It does require a comb and toilet paper harmonica, a violin, and an indescribable yet pant-wettingly painful accent from the lead singer. Click the band’s name above to see what I mean; is it insanity on the verge of genius or just an atrocious attempt to render a sense of credibility out of Europop circa 1991?

Finaly, before I gave up on the broadcast think Rob had seriously lost the plot we have;

Black KidsI’m Not Going To Teach

How best to describe this band? Imagine The Cure had a lovechild with Steps and enrolled them in a High School Musical. That terrible mental image doesn’t quite do justice to this song, but it gives you a good idea as to what it sounds like (click the song title above if you don’t believe me, but be warned you do so at your own risk). I’m not sure what else to say here, on the one hand there is something about the track that makes you want to tap your feet, it is annoyingly catchy. On the other hand, if you don’t want to strangle most of the band after about two minutes and thirty seconds, then I don’t think you were listening!

So there you have it, lessons learned – None. There is good music out there, it just might not always get played on the radio show that you listen to.

If all else fails there is always The Peel Tapes.


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