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We’ve got a Nintendo Balance Board and Wii Fit!

Wii Fit Balance Board

Laura’s final birthday present, preordered from Amazon, arrived today and I’m typing this on the laptop while Laura tries to rotate fast enough to spin 4 hula-hoops around her Wii avatar. The balance board is sturdy plastic, and feels like a rugged input device and is finished to a far higher standard than the original Play Station or N64 controllers.

The Balance Games are typical Wii Sports interactions. The familiar cutesy avatars are fun to play with and different games mingle in other avatars from your Wii Plaza which makes it even more entertaining. I’ve just watched Laura sprint past my character in a running game that has left her out of breath!

The Yoga and Strength Training interactions have been superbly rendered for a twenty/thirty-something audience. The graphics are crisp, stylish, and smooth. The voicework and sounds are soothing and encouraging, creating an experience more like a personal trainer at an exclusive spa than a game in your living room.

Nintendo have sensed that their audience is not the XBox360 hardcore gamer, but a more diverse market looking for more diverse and cultured titles. With Wii Fit I feel they have clearly taken the lead in “Lifestyle Gaming” and have cornered a market where the gamers have disposable income, but want to spend it wisely on something they will enjoy socially as well as one there own. Now to see what other game developers do with this unique input device.

Oh, and in case you were wondering what we do with all the cardboard boxes that these gadgets come in. We play in them of course! Some things don’t change as we grow older 🙂

Laura in a box!


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