How never to get a ride in European/International motorsport

I’ve just read an interesting little story on where Marco Andretti claims that McLaren tried to sabotage his Dad’s drive in 1993. It is hilarious stuff, released ahead of Marco’s appearance in this weekend’s Indianapolis 500.

Now even if you are Mario Andretti’s grandson, and therefore a third generation American motor racer, if you want to play in the big leagues outside of the US national series you probably don’t want to go and upset too many team bosses. You really don’t want to go an upset a successful team like McLaren by claiming they made your Dad’s car behave strangely in the corners via electronic sabotage to allow McLaren to replace Dad with Mika Hakkinen because he was a cheaper driver.

Oddly enough his Dad is keeping quiet, not confirming or denying the rumours, nor making to big a deal about his speedy return to US racing after failing to place higher than 3rd in a season which saw him highly payed but failing to deliver alongside his already 3 times world champion team mate Ayrton Senna. Mario hasn’t mentioned said a word either!
So given all these rumours I’m surprised when Marco ends the article by saying he’d want to try F1.

“Because I want to tackle it, you know what I mean?,” he said.

Marco Andretti tested a Honda F1 car in 2006, but he isn’t willing to make the jump unless it is with a team that can win. He believes the F1 establishment wants him to fail, too.

“I don’t have any other mentality other than to go over there and win,” Andretti said. “Because I think it’s a bigger story if I go over there and fail, really. It really is. Because that’s what people are waiting for, to be honest, over there.”

Somebody should tell him that accusing McLaren of sabotage is probably not the best way to go about securing a seat with the big boys!


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