Weekend Wildlife Update

Two creatures we’ve spotted near the house this weekend. The first was a cute little lizard, and his mate, enjoying the sunshine on the walk to our front door. They were very skittish, but after a lot of careful sneaking I managed to get the following shot.

Broad-headed Skink

They were cute, but the following creature was scary!

This is a Copperhead snake, and he is venomous and potentially fatal.

Definitely a Copperhead

The snake was warming itself on top of an electrical junction box between our unit of townhomes and the next block of four.  This is the reason why when it is warm and damp you shouldn’t stick any part of your body anywhere where you can’t see it!  Interestingly Copperheads don’t rattle their tails or bare their fangs as a warning, they warn by delivering a fast strike and delivering a warning dose of venom.  This small dose is rarely fatal, but requires urgent medical attention.

You can read more about Copperheads and Skinks by following these links:

Wikipedia – Broad-headed Skink

Wikipedia – Copperhead Snake

North Carolina State Univerisity – How dangerous are Copperhead snakes?

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