Thank you Inova Loudon Hospital

On Wednesday I returned to the lovely staff at Inova Loudon Hospital for my second hernia operation this year. Both times I have received wonderful care and attention from the doctors and nursing staff. It was strange being back so soon, especially as they put me in the same cubicle for my pre-operation preparations, and some of the same staff were on shift doing double takes as they walked by and saw me again.

I arrived at 11:30am, went through to surgery at about 1pm, and was back home by 5:30pm. Now, three days later, I’m still sore but moving fairly easily, and just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all the staff that made my stay so pleasant.

So “Thank You Inova Loudon Hospital!”



  1. troodon · June 1, 2008

    Glad to hear that things went smoothly and that you’re recovering well. How do US hospitals compare to the NHS?

  2. bardsworld · June 1, 2008

    In northern Virginia I’d say the hospitals are bigger, cleaner, and better equipped…if you have good medical insurance! Both times I’ve had my surgery within 7 days of seeing the specialist. I’ve not needed referrals, and there has been no waiting list. Obviously if you’ve only got Medicare (social healthcare) then things can be very different, but if you’ve got a good plan (I get mine through work) then the coverage is excellent.

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