Mosley stays on at FIA

How do you survive having dragged the sport into disrepute yet again? The answer sounds like this;

The one thing I didn’t want to happen, the last thing I wanted, was for Max to go today.

Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone.

Oh, yes, that explains it perfectly. I really can’t be bothered to rant about this, because it is yet another example of why Formula 1 has lost so much appeal in recent years. When internal politics and dollar signs mean more than the sport itself, then you know it is time for a change.

So now what happens next year when Mosley’s tenure runs out in October???

You can read more about this by following these links;

F1SA – Damon Hill – Max Mosley news bad for British Grand Prix

F1SA – Berni Ecclestone – Max Mosley victory “changes nothing”

BBC News – Mosley stays on as FIA President

Piston Heads – Mosley ‘continues as FIA President’

Associated Press – Max Mosley wins FIA vote of confidence
and then you can wonder when F1 will ditch the spin doctors and get back to the racing of the turbo days 🙂

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