Petrol supply and wage equality

Strike action by tanker drivers in the UK could leave 1000 forecourts dry within days so begins an article in the Telegraph today.

The drivers, who supply the vast majority of Shell forecourts, are calling for a pay rise of 13 per cent. The company, Hoyer UK, has offered 6 per cent.

Hoyer says its 6 per cent offer would see the average driver’s £36,000 salary rise to £38,500. The union is calling for a minimum wage for all drivers of £36,000.

Wow, with the current exchange rate that is more than I earn as a business analyst in the U.S.A. with more than 15years experience!!! Now lets make a couple of comparisons with other jobs in the UK;

According to Workgateways newly registered nurses in the UK can expect to start on a salary of around £17,000 which can increase to up to £30,000 at the most senior level I. With up to £4000 extra for ‘cost of living’ in London.

According to the British Army a soldier taking basic training starts out on £13,012.80 rising to a low end salary of £28,622.64 if they make sergeant. This report in the Independent talks of how some soldiers have had to take out loans to pay for food.

In 2007 a newly qualified teacher started on an average of £19,161 rising to a final salary of up to £28,005.

Makes you wonder why we don’t all go and get our HGV licenses and start delivering the fuel ourselves!


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