My nomination for best ever music video – Virtual Insanity

It might have been released back in August 1996, but I still find myself watching the video for Virtual Insanity by Jamiroquai every so often. It isn’t just because the song has a catchy title, or that I like the tune (although both are true). It isn’t just because the video contains bling, or copious flesh, or devastating computer graphics (because it doesn’t). It is because I’ve always loved special effects, illusions, the art of making the “not possible” possible. In this 21st century world where any possibility can be animated on a computer, and children grow up with their imaginations anesthetised, in a world where the fantastical is rendered commonplace by every show on television, it is beautiful to see a well made, and well produced, ‘practical’ effect. I love magic tricks for the same reason, an incredible illusion rendered tangible by a simple physical gimic. The trick of fooling the audiences eye to make them believe ‘what cannot be’ by some mysterious power ‘is’.

So “Virtual Insanity” appeals to me because everything you need to see to know how it is done is there before you, but your eyes can easily not see the trick, and be mesmerised by the artistry of the performance. So, may I present for your delectation, Jamiroquai and “Virtual Insanity”;

Unfortunately you need to click this link to go see the video 😦

Ah, what it would be to get paid to come up with visual effects like that for a living… one can always dream 😉


One comment

  1. troodon · June 6, 2008

    A very nice video, and as you say in this day an age of cgi its almost surprising how elegant such a simple technique is.

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