Invisible Phone

Since the hernia surgery I’ve not been sleeping that well, so I wasn’t surprised when my brain awoke me with a “I fancy a cup of tea” thought at 4:30am this morning.  As is my wont in these situations I donned my ‘fuzzy feet’ and staggered down stairs in my bathrobe, sans glasses, sans contacts.  The slightly fuzzy picture I have of the world without vision aids doesn’t make much of a difference since I rarely turn on lights, prefering the cool anonymous darkness (and the ability to nose outside without disturbing wildlife or policemen).

As I waited for the water to boil a flash caught my eye.  It was electronic in nature, green, like a pulsing LED.  My brain jostled with what it could be and resolved that either Laura or I had dropped our cell phone as we’d come in the door, and it was on the floor flashing its little ‘I’m alive and connected to the network’ status message.  I walked towards the flash, behind the front door in the hallway, and to assist myself in grabbing the phone turned on the hallway lights…

…promptly the phone vanished.  No flashes, no phone, just black slate tile and a rather fetching Persian rug.  My brain pondered this bizarre lack of phone, and I wondered if I’d been seeing things.  I turned off the light and returned to the kitchen, but as soon as I turned by the microwave again I saw the pulsing flash of a cell phone.  Damn it, I wasn’t crazy, I’d just obviously been so sleepy I’d looked in the wrong corner of the hall.  So back I stomped, and turned on the light once more, only for the phone to vanish yet again!

Now I’m fairly open minded (some would say that most stuff falls straight out of there) and I’ve seen ‘ghosts’ that I can explain logically, and I’ve seen a fair few ghosts that could not be explained logically by anything other than it being a real supernatural occurrence, or a case of very specific mass hysteria.  However, even as broadminded as I can be I didn’t see why a cell phone would choose to haunt my doorway.  So down on hands and knees I got, bleary eyes scouring the slate for a reason for the flashes.  It couldn’t be a reflection the surface isn’t that polished, and anyway the angles were all wrong… it must be something simple.

Sure enough it was, a firefly or glow bug had crept into my hallway, and was (at my best guess) having a mating-signal-a-thon with the clock on the stereo on the far side of the living room which was flashing after the recent power outages.  Finally some nature in Virginia that had the capacity to be entertaining rather than dangerous (after the snakes and tornadoes of late).

After the break there is a Youtube clip showing how bright these bugs get…

Okay, so this isn’t my firefly, but shows you how bright they get.


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