Storm 1 – Ian 1

So I raced this evening’s thunderstorm home and won. A clear drive with only a light shower forcing me to close the windows for a few minutes. By the time I reached home I knew I was lucky, heavy clouds loomed on the horizon and thunder rumbled angrily.

Having covered the car I started on dinner. I don’t know what made me check the weather before adding anything to the pot, but I am glad I did as I am now blogging via phone by candle light. Curse these summer thunderstorms they are getting a bit predictable now.

Good news is that Laura was working late and so can stop off somewhere with power and grab sushi for dinner!


Power went off at about 8:30pm, and was eventually restored at approximately 1am.  Fortunately I remembered to remove the milk from the freezer (where it had been placed to keep cool longer with the power out) at about 4am, thus avoiding a messy milk-cicle greeting me this morning.


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