Real Snail Mail

Take the following:

  • RFID chips
  • 3 small gastropods
  • and the brilliant minds of a few academics from Bournemouth University

and you get an absolutely brilliant piece of “Slow Art”, real ‘Snail Mail’.

To sum it up briefly, and probably inaccurately, you send an email via the snail service.  Your email arrives at the “enclosure” where it waits for an RFID equipped snail to “pick it up”.  Once the message is associated with one of the snails chips, it is “carried” by them to the other side of the “enclosure” where they “deliver the message” at which point it continues its journey to you via the regular internet.

This snail mail service is free, and absolutely insane.  Even better is the website of the project, featuring snail biographies, so you can get to know your post-snail, and an enclosure webcam to let you keep track of the fast paced action!

Real Snail Mail – from boredomresearch at Bournemouth University

BBC Tech News article – ‘Snail Mail’ blazes a slow trail

So to all at ‘boredomresearch’ and particularly Muriel, Austin, and Cecil, may I salute your artistic brilliance, and surreal sense of humour!


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