A Friday short post

No time for long rants today, so here are a few things that have crossed my screen, and my mind in the last couple of days.

  1. A High Court Judge has asked Gordon Brown to hold off on ratifying the EU Treaty until an appeal against the lack of a referendum has been heard. (Telegraph article) – Nice to see the nanny state being made to follow at least one of the same rules as the rest of us. Update – Looks like the Czech Republic may be out too!
  2. The Chancellor, Alistair Darling (Does Gordon Brown ever impersonate Stephen Fry in Blackadder Goes Forth with a command of “Come here Darling!”!) decided he’d rather foist the economic disaster that it over a decade of Labour rule, plus the other global factors, onto the Bank of England rather than try and do anything about it himself by making the Bank of England liable for Britains financial stability (Darling sets out new bank remit – BBC News). – Wow, so what does the Chancellor do now, except live in #11?
  3. Closer to home, Stratford-upon-Avon’s Warwickshire County Council run “Park & Ride” scheme is still unused and failing to make a profit after being open for 3 years.  I seem to remember a lot of folks not wanting it before it was built, but the County have a bright plan (probably learned from the Hoyer petrol tanker drivers) they’ll try and bribe the Stratford upon Avon District Council into closing two of the in town car parks to FORCE people out to the park and ride!!! (Stratford Observer – Park and ride chiefs plan bold move).  – Wow!!! This idea is so idiotic I’m surprised World Class Stratford weren’t involved!  Lets convince peopel to visit our town by closing the car parks and making them travel in from our desolate car park on a shuttle bus.  Yes, I’m sure granny taking the kids for a day out shopping during the summer holidays wants to struggle with a stroller on the bus rather than just park in town and walk!  I’ve a plan, make all council workers (District, County, Parish, the lot) all park there and bus in, if it works for them maybe it will convince others that it is a valuable service.
  4. In defence of  Warwickshire County Council they have come out against the dreaded eco-town! (County planners urge eco town ‘No’ – Stratford Observer)
  5. Lastly, I agree with the Safe Speed Campaign and believe we need to approach all the problems on our roads and not just leap to knee jerk reactions.  So although I appreciate the distress and worry felt by the family who had a car land in their front room (Call for action after car ploughs into house – Stratford Observer), I was upset to see that the family are asking for action against speeding cars when the Police arrested and charged the woman driver caught at the scene for drink driving.  Maybe more action against drink drivers would be better.

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