I’ve discovered in Virginia we have a new classification of animal, critters (pronounced kret-urs almost like crater in English).  These “critters” include a wide range of animals I’d previously considered mammals.  The key examples in this arguement being the squirrels and chipmunks who have decided to attack every piece of new planting in our back yard, and every tub or container on our decks.

Now I know these little woodland critters are just looking for food, but my backyard backs onto a large forest so surely there must be easier pickings than wading through our mulch and uprooting our lavendar!  To this end Laura has purchased us some “Critter Repellent” which we’re hoping will do the trick.  Interestingly two of its main ingredients are urea and garlic, a bizarre seasoning combination and makes me wonder if it would work as well on French squirrels!

The name though reminded me of the film Critters from 1986… so here we have the two battling forces, I’ll let you know who wins!

\ Critters


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